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Richie C. Tankersley - Licensed Funeral Dir.

Linda K. Douglas - Owner

Donald L. Hagerman - Manager

David Dash - Assistant


Today arrangements are as individual as the persons for whom and by whom they are made. A ceremony may be personalized to reflect the life of the deceased and therefore have special meaning for those who are left behind. Whatever the case, nothing is more comforting to survivors than the knowledge that they are doing what the deceased wanted, in no uncertain terms. Call Today!


One phone call is all it takes to arrange cremation. We are available to discuss your cremation or funeral options at your convenience. At the time of death simply call us and we will take care of the final needs, from cremation, funeral service, graveside services. 

If you would like to talk to us about your options please call 304-436-3186

We are a family owned and operated business for 97 years, located at
157 Wyoming Street in Welch, WV

Call us at 304-436-3186 or 304-875-3186 for more information and visitation schedules. We care about your needs!

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